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this wooeleek. should you buy it when it comes to market thursday? >> google outraged it may have been spied upon by the nsa. but someone -- one of our guests is asking isn't that what google does to its users? is that a fair comparison so make? after all, google does have a user agreement. people accept it. nsa doesn't have a user agreement i know of but we have both sides of the issue coming up. >> fascinating, actually. let's check the markets as we approach the final hour. dow jones is in positive territory but off the highs. up 14 points on the industrial average. it has been a slow creep higher for much of the day. nasdaq nasdaq, similar chart pattern with gain of 10.75, 3932. and s&p 500 up 0.25%. dow and nasdaq creeping back toward all-time highs. bob pisani what's moving things up? >> we bottom at the time europe closed and steadily moving up. rom is slight to moderate typical of a monday. we have more cyclical doing better. tech names, industrial names. put up some sectors. materials, all doing better. outperforming the overall market. housing stocks have had a lot o
, on a lasting scale, that has to matter more than getting into google and programming some little things. >> it's an interesting story if in fact he means that. >> i worked at goldman. i went there to make a lot of money because i was poor. >> unlike everybody else. >> what we did was go there to make money. if that is a higher calling, sensational. i pushed paper from here to over here. it was a tremendous exercise in greatness in america, versus the google people, all they ever do is create the greatest wealth ever. just a second, i'm going to do my goldman thing. i'm moving the paper from here to here. i made millions of dollars. google, all they did was change your life, make it so you could look up anything. >> self-driving car. >> it does bring to mind what druckenmiller said yesterday about this, best american model business. >> every kid in the world wants to work at facebook and google. can you not get a job there. goldman sachs also recruits and you want to make a lot of money but we have engineers coming out of our country once again of our great schools going to great companies. if
. good timing on that one. >>> google is holding a highly anticipated android event today. josh lipton is at that event in san francisco. he's got details. josh? >> reporter: yeah, bill, here in san francisco, google unveiling this morning its new smartphone. the nexus 5. let me give you guys the specs. it's a five inch display. weighs 130 grams. it's running a qualcomm snap dragon 800 processor, means it's the most powerful nexus phone yet. improved camera. smarter phone tiler. price $349 without a contract. it's available today on google play in ten countries, available at sprint, t-mobile, amazon and best buy in the coming weeks. it is halloween, maria. i don't know if you're a fan of the kitc-kat candy bar. that's the name they're giving it. we had ice cream sandwich. jelly bean. now kitkat. the point, keep expanding its footprint. they tell us kitkat uses less memory than jelly bean. a new operating system, but it's running on entry level phones. the broader purpose here, google is saying, is to reach the next 1 billion people. guys, back to you. >> love it, josh. thank you so muc
is going to be a huge trend and this company and google are at the forefront of mobility and you can get it at six times cash flow. >> you've got a $575 price target, shares are around 525, 526 this morning. in your view, what are the c catalysts they that an get us from here to there? >> apple has become a more product story at this point. >> allow me to interrept you just for a moment. marilyn tavenner is about to testify here before the house ways and means committee. >> we know that consumers are having difficulty enrolling via the marketplace web site. it is important to note that the affordable care act, however, is more than just a web site. it creates a new market, which allows people to access quality affordable health care. it allows them to have insurance options. it creates a pooling of consumers into statewide group plans that can spread the risk between sick people and healthy people, between young and old and then bargains on their behalf to get them the best deal on health insurance. by creating competition where there wasn't competition before, insurers are eager for new
there and getting them to a very profitable outcome. dhar a customer of google but also compete with google. >> good luck. >> i hear they're doing a halfway decent margin. they're margins are not what google's are but 100% revenue growth. >> it could be opening in the 50s or perhaps even higher. >> there we go again. another company that has the growth that managers want. and they don't really want the big buybacks. look at apple. apple had decent growth. some guys are focused on how much they're going to buy back? no. i want apple to have a division of a company up just mentioned. >> speaking of product, the ipad air gets reviews today. and pretty much the dean of all tech columnists says it's the best tablet he's ever reviewed. blown away i think were his worlds by the battery life and the speed of the process oorks which allows you to run basically apps that are more than glorified iphone apps. >> i immediately went to my close friends and relatives and said you want to know what to buy me, i want this. it's terrific. i also like the kindle. but that device, it's a must own. i watch sports on the
of the company. that's pretty low compared to 47% for pb but, of course, potential facebook and google and linked-in had their dots, too. it's up because of their ipos. because of the volatility and sentiment, it's very likely that twitter underwriters will keep these shares to wall street as well. >> i wondered about that. did we do a poll like that before facebook or is this a new poll? >> we did a similar poll almost exactly the same before the facebook ipo. 54% of people thought it was a good investment. >> that's interesting. >> it is interesting. >> this guy, kayla, andy kesler -- >> i know andy. we've had him on the show. >> why twitter's ipo is a bigger deal. he's talking about ways that it will allow you to use the second screen. that's why they hired the nbc person, because people watch tv and young people are tweeting while they watch tv. >> some of these live shows, some of the shows that get the highest rating. >> it will be better than facebook for advertising. facebook is up to 122 billion market cap. this is 13 billion. why are our viewers not that bright for something? i don't --
is a marketing center for google glass. either way that's kind of creepy, willie. >> totally creepy. >> don't fully under the story. >> they have a barge in the water and making google stuff in there. >> a difference between the east coast and west coast. you see a floating barge out there you figure it's a tech center. you see something off of long island you figure it's just garbage, right? >> often it is. >> often it is. and trying to figure out a place to dump it. so, speaking of -- >> creepy. >> creepy. >> wow. >> i would say creepy. >> how is your son, he's so cute. >> my son is fantastic. >> like him. >> we don't put him on that want tea cup either. but we don't let him eat kale chips. >> are you the president or ceo of something or other? >> i don't know what. >> north virginia roady club, the elks club. >> i can feel the power sitting one person away from him. >> virginia's governor's race appears to be in the hands of the democrat, terry acall live. "the washington post" poll showing him up on ken cuccinelli the republican attorney general there 51-39, libertarian candidate polli
, "the washington post." the nsa is facing accusations of secretly tapping into google and yahoo!'s data centers across the globe the post reports. the tactics would sweep up information of millions of american users. google and yahoo! say they have no knowledge of nsa's access. meanwhile the italian magazine reports the agency spied on cardinals at the vatican during the conclave that selected pope francis. really? >> that's pretty good. >> i'm telling you what, man. >> what? >> nsa is like a runaway beer truck. somebody has got to jump inside of the beer truck and steer to it the side of the road. they are spying on the cardinals? >> the nsa saying i have a great idea the conclave with the cardinals, let's bug it. we'll get the early odds on who will be pope. come on get something to do. >> that's a little messed. >> new york names new york city has the strictest limits on tobacco products in the country. voted to raise the age to buy cigarettes from 18 to 21. michael bloomberg will sign the bill and take effect in six months. >> new jersey star ledger senator-elect cory booker will be
deck for the tech giant to market google glass and other gadgets. access will be invitation only. the project is reportedly personally directed by google co-founder. and said to be google's attempt to upstage rival apple and its chain of retail stores. some people thought this was going to be some kind of massive floating data center. but this is -- >> for google glass. yeah. >> this is something. one way to market it. absolutely. >> and some websites said there were -- on some coasts there was google barges. >> i wonder if we have a barge in new york as well. if so, we should probably do the show from the barge. how about that? >> you do the show from the barge. >> i'll do the show from the barge. >> i'll do it from one of robert frank's yachts. >> the faa is loosening rules. you'll soon be able to use your electronics throughout your trip. but connecting to the internet will be prohibited when the plane -- >> how are they going to know? >> they have things. >> how are they going to know whether you actually turn, go to airplane mode or not. and think about all those fights it's
a report on rising threats to google's ad dominance. jon fortt live in san jose with some of that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. could be good news for facebook in a day they need it. adobe out with its first social intelligence report. evidence of a major shift in digital spending. google still the king of the hill in digital advertising, commanding nearly a third of all digital ad revenue, according to e-marketer but strong trends have momentum in a few upstarts. adobe has unusual insight into some of the biggest retailers, ad placement and site traffic. track more than 131 billion facebook ad impressions, 400 visitors to serious social sites. as if book's money engine getting started. targeting capabilities are so good, pay for performance ads are getting expensive and pouring more money into affordable cpm brand advertise, cpm for the price for an ad to appear 1,000 time, up 20%. facebook performance ads will make a comeback in the holiday season when retailers will be willing to pay up for clicks from insurances willing to buy right now. interesting insights into twitter
. >>> in the meantime, an update on google's mysterious barge in san francisco. after all of the speculation, the purpose of the barge has reportedly been revealed. the local cbs affiliate says the barge will be used for -- parties. it will feature luxury showrooms and a party deck for the company to market google glass and other gadgets to vips. the report says the project has been in the planning stages for more than a year and is being personally directed by google co-founder sarah gaye brynn. so how about that, kel? >> we thought it might be servers cooled by the ocean waters, no. >> but all sorts of questions about whether they were trying to avoid onshore taxes. party disbe expensive. who knows? >> let's hope we get invited to a couple. >> yeah. >>> coming up, the new york city marathon is back, but not without major changes. find out how the city is preparing for this iconic event. the ceo of the new york roadrunners joins us live after a break. ct management. baron of the build-out. you need a permit... to be this awesome. and from national. because only national lets you
here. i think if we have a little more goog google-like thinking, maybe we wouldn't have quite the problems we've had over the past week or so. i think we need to see more innovation. it's good for america. it's very bullish for american commerce. that's why i like investing in america. >> and despite the good stock market, businesses still refuse to make long-term investments to create jobs. >> i agree with that. i don't quite understand when i hear innovation and i hear market meltup lately comes from. gdp growth is 1.6%, next year i'm looking at some imf numbers next year, 2.5%, advanced economies are supposed to grow a little above 1, euro is flat, china is down. why isn't the innovation showing up in the numbers? i don't see where the growth is. >> is there a link between stocks and gdp, andy cross? i always thought profits were the -- >> larry, they really are. cash on the books of these companies is still at record high. we haven't even seen a lot of plowing back. it's been very steed ady -- >> where do you get profits without growth? >> you have to have growth. >> where
trouble. i like google very much. it's too hard for me. let's go to john in florida, john? >> caller: yes. i'm lucky that i have a brother-in-law who is in his 90s and he was in world war ii and he got out when the wharton school and said, john, you ought to get some of this adp shares and now i have 300 of them. and as i read the annual report that came out this fall, it says, boy, business is going to boom. >> no, sir, it's a great stock. i know it's at its high. i don't care, that and paychex are great stocks. it'll be terrific. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the "lightning round." >> the "lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade. l. it told him what was happening on the trading floor in real time. ♪ the shell brought him great fame. ♪ but then, one day, he noticed that everybody could have a magic seashell. [ indistinct talking ] [ male announcer ] right there in their trading platform. ♪ [ indistinct talking continues ] [ male announcer ] so the magic shell went back to being get live squawks right in your trading platform with think or sw
market multiple. when google trades at 26, 28 times earning and facebook, twitter, all trading at 20 times revenue, apple trading at whatever number you want to say, 9 to 12 times earnings is ridiculously cheap, and that's why carl icahn's there. the guy knows how to make money. he's going to make money here too, i think. as well as hopefully me. >> how are they going to get stock up? are they going to get -- >> maria, the way they get the stock up is they've got to do a tv. i want a tv. what do i have to do to get an apple tv set on my wall? i'm taping my ipad to the wall at this point. what are they doing at apple? i don't know. they need a tv. that will get the stock up. >> i have another take on it, maria. i mean, again, they have -- they had over $120 billion in cash and the return in money market is just about zero. so, again, we're not advocating that they leverage themselves through the roof. but they have plenty of cash. and if you really think your stock is undervalued, buying back the shares is a great arbitrage. we really, again, think it's undervalued. you can talk about
a lot of buzz in silicon valley. some speculation it could be a floating data center designed by google. a lot more of this story in "street signs." back to you. >> thank you very much, josh. where is your life preserver? put that on. >>> the rev land al sharpton meeting with barney's ceo mark lee over allegations of racial profiling. in recent days two barney's customers and macy's customers including actor rob brown of "finding forester" say they were stopped by police after purchasing luxury items at the store. new york attorney general eric snyderman asking the retailers to provide information about their policies by this friday. here's what he wrote in a letter to macy's. quote, under state and local civil rights laws, racial discrimination in places of public accommodation including retail stores such as macy's, is prohibited. joining us is robert mccree, professor of protection management at john jay college of criminal justice. nice to have you here. >> glad to be here, sue. >> retail has a tough job. they have to fight shoplifting, fight all sorts of issues. however, it does se
and teams that could -- a team that could have made this thing work. perhaps google to answer queries. apple stz to develop the cleanest app and amazon to develop hard cop fe you don't know how to use a computer. the dream team could have figured that out, too. and some company with a superb medical records background. this was a moment for american companies to shine instead of canadian companies to struggle to make things right. sadly and shamefully, i think the moment has now passed and a victim of inept execution and truly a failure of imagination and the imagination required to realize that the customer's always right and the relationship needed to be managed in the cheapest, best and most efficient way possible which is exactly what these u.s.-based companies can do better than any other enterprises in the world. here's an idea, president obama. you want this program to work? then you're looking at the next secretary of health and human service services, not really. do you think i can do any worse? >>> mad about "mad money?" immerse yourself into cramer's world while you watch the show
, oh, this guy is a bright guy. google has delivered tremendous outperformance. who is to be anointed this year? tonight we're talking about the best performing stock in 2013's hottest breakout sector. the name -- delta airlines. an anointed winner with a lot more room to run. why delta? let's go back seven months to the beginning of march which i did something unprecedented on 2,000 shows of "mad money," after decades of saying the major airlines, i changed my mind. i did it. why? because the facts had changed. in the old days the airlines were untouchable because the entire industry was subjected to endless price wars. that wrecked earnings. just ruined its competition. we hate competition as shareholders but in the last few years there's been a ton of consolidation in the airline space. high price of jet fuel and scarcity of new planes, or aren't expensive gas guzzlers makes it difficult for new players to enter the market. we have now just four major carrie carriers. delta, united continental, us airways and american. back in march it looked like the last two might be allowed to m
but it stabilized. people are believers in the story. it was above $50. google had its share of critics. what is it doing to those critics now it's above $1,000 when it went public at $85. who is to say long term this growth story is not a real growth story? >> facebook is over 1 billion users and already profitable. this is zero profitability. right now they're losing a lot of money and slowing growth. if you look at valuation of $25, it would be last year's 43 times sales and facebook came out at 22. it would be double the amount. don't see the growth there. 200 million users. what will happen is you continue to get hit on margins, slowing your user growth as it is. to continue to scale i don't see it there. >> dan niles sold his entire position. he was a guy who's been a genius in terms of investing in this stock. he shorted it when it was up to 4250 during the ipo and then bought it below $20. now he just sold it at around $50. >> look. as you recall, i was one of the more bearish voices on facebook. i told the public in part on your air they would be better off buying
for driving while wearing google glass. oh, my god. this woman was caught after being caught for speeding. she plans to fight the ticket. it was blocking her vision and causing a distraction. >>> from "the washington post," the moment air travelers have been waiting for. as long as they don't allow talking on phones. >> what? >> the faa finally agreed to let passengers use electronic devices like tablets and phones throughout flights. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: on this halloween travel day with costumes on full display at the airport, there was a treat awaiting travelers. >> at this time, please turn off all cellar telephones and electronic devices. >> reporter: that announcement will soon be a thing of the past. no need to power down. your cell connection needs to remain off. >> the policy we put out strikes the appropriate balance responding to what customers wand but first and foremost making sure we have a safe environment. >> they can tolerate radio interference from electronic devices. it's up to each airline to come up with faa approval. by the end of the year, we should be able to us
as they are in reno, nevada where the prices have gone up 28%. the search giant google is the top brand among democrats from this year's brand index rankings. and crafts men round out the top three. among republicans craft man is the top brand followed by lowe's and johns & johnson. >> i want to walk around paris with you. >> i keep forgetting you're just a tourist. >> that's a great woody allen movie. trinidad cuba is second in the list. the 500th anniversary of the city's founding. paris is number one. cape two south africa is third partly for its natural beauty. chicago is the only u.s. city to make the top ten coming in eighth. those are your number ones. excuse me? glacier point? follow me! ♪ follow me! keep up, keep up, keep up. ♪ look he's right there! follow me! ♪ wow! crystal falls? follow me! [ male announcer ] the nissan pathfinder. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪ nissan. innovation that excites. help the gulf when we made recover and learn the gulf, bp from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of
death. could you imagine the mess we'd have on the planet now? >> google. >> just strikes me this is something we should argue from. >> it's a good problem to have, it just cost a lot of money. >> we want quality of life too. >> you do. >> someone a live on a machine doesn't know where he is or what he's doing. let the guy go to his maker in peace. >> thank you for numbers and analysis. coming up, kentucky governor steve beshear on the early success of the affordable care act with his state and why it hasn't been successful elsewhere. we're back in a moment. the most free research reports, customizable charts, powerful screening tools, and guaranteed 1-second trades. and at the center of it all is a surprisingly low price -- just $7.95. in fact, fidelity gives you lower trade commissions than schwab, td ameritrade, and etrade. i'm monica santiago of fidelity investments, and low fees and commissions are another reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account. sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you n
that if you think motorola had better intellectual property for google, in the end, the market spoke. is there anyone on this planet or alpha century that didn't have a hard look at this. vulcans? >> everybody that wanted to look looked. there were plenty of visitors to the data room. why not take a look? it doesn't cost much of anything to do that. they did not follow through with any bids and, again, the financing for that fairfax thing, which was only a letter of intent, which we pointed out on day one, never came together. looks like twitter is raising its ipo. >> it gets higher and higher. >> it is not a surprise they would start lower and move up. that's the way you want to do it incompete instead of facebook. i said, over $20 billion and then you get into that situation where you might be surprised to the down side. we all use twitter. we all think it is important. there are questions. there are questions and at the same time, the public loves the product. you can buy. we saw that with the container store. they love the container store. they can buy a lot of good articles by w
pad, but only 40% of our kids in the college survey this year have a tablet. whether it was amazon or google's or apples. there's tremendous room for growth. but the ipad, next year we'll overlap. we're going to overlap that step down in gross margins. and so kind of resets the bar. so unless they're introducing a lot of new products that lower gross margin than i think what we saw last week is not doing that. they actually raised the price of the ipad. they're bundling more software into that. but giving away all the updates for free for the mac and give you iwork and ilife for free. they raised the price of the hardware. we're seeing a bottoming of earnings this quarter, earnings start to rise gradually. we're off to the races with earnings growth. and at 12 times earnings, no one's really pricing in dramatic earnings increases. no one's really thinking they're going to innovate again. >> dan, question on this whole software bundling thing. do you actually think the consumer says to themselves, wow, i'm -- the price of this machine went up but i get all this free stuff so it's actually wor
that again. i'm on google now. what is this? happy halloween. that's a scary looking witch. i wonder if it does anything. yes. >> is it not the greatest holiday? >> a lot of people think it's, like, some pagan holiday and they don't really like it. >> united states kind of the buzz. >> it's penelope's birthday. which is hard for -- she's always dealing with the kids. we can never really celebrate. >> i always remember her birthday. >> it's hard to celebrate her birthday. but you know what? beelg born on halloween comes with -- well, great powers has great responsibilities. but she has powers. >> over you. >> over me. i'm be witched, and bewildered. >> i like your orange tie. >> she said it doesn't count because it has blue in it. >> i liked the orange tie he wore the other day. >> this is a halloween tie. you've got nothing. >> i've got nothing. i looked. i looked. >> tonight, you're -- a hat, gas mask. >> walter weiss, we have the hat, the sun glasses, the go tee, yellow hazmat suits, my wife is going to be jessie and we even have zip lock bags of -- >> meth? >> what looks like blue
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)